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Lease Agreement for Seasonal Housing - Spain

HOME AROUND INTERNATIONAL S.L. , with its registered offices at Calle Casp 46, 5H, 08010, Barcelona, with CIF (Tax Identification Code) B-65548695, acting for and on behalf of the OWNERSHIP pursuant to an authorization granted by the OWNERSHIP.
AND CLIENT, as specified in the Booking Form, hereinafter referred to as the TENANT.


That the OWNERSHIP is the owner and has possession of the property described in the Booking Form.The OWNERSHIP declares that said property is not rented or assigned to third parties under any form of agreement.The parties to this agreement mutually recognize the legal capacity required by law for executing the present lease agreement for SEASONAL HOUSING, which shall be governed by the provisions in Article 3(2) of the Spanish Law on Urban Leases No. 29/1994, of 24 November ("Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos"), and grant the present agreement in accordance with the following:


First.- The object of the lease consists of the property previoulsy referred, furnished, with all the furniture and accessories as described in www.homearound.com under each properties "Description" tab. The description refers to specific characteristics and amenities of each property, except for terraces, swimming pools and other outside amenities, that shall be considered communal unless otherwise specified. The TENANT, expressly states that the property is in perfect condition to be used as a temporary residence but never as his /her permanent home nor use it for commercial purposes, and that he has received the keys to the real property at the time of entry.

Second.- The duration of the contract is specified in the Booking Form.

Third.- The rent freely agreed upon by both parties is specified in the Booking Form.
Fourth.- Before delivery is made to the TENANT of the keys to the property, TENANT must:1) Pay for the security deposit as specified in the Booking Form. The purpose of the security deposit is to secure return of the property and its accessories in the same condition in which delivered to him /her, less normal wear and tear derived from their reasonable use. The whole of this security deposit shall be returned in her departure from the real property, provided that both the building and the contents of the same are returned in the same condition in which they were given.2) Show his /her passport or DNI (Spanish Identity Card) and agree by the present "Lease Agreement", Terms and Conditions and Booking Form.

Fifth.- The TENANT, both by his /her acts and by those of the people who live with him /her and the guests or visitors who enter the property are bound:1) To respect the hours of rest of other neighbors in the building where the property is located, from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.2) To not hold any party or meeting of people that exceeds the agreed number of persons permitted in the property. In case of complaints from neighbors regarding loud music, parties or similar disturbances, or in the case that the police have been called for disruption of the peace, HOME AROUND will immediately evict the TENANT and guests. In this case, neither the security deposit nor rent paid be refunded.3) To dispose of his /her garbage in the containers located outside the building or in the garbage room of the building in the event that there is one.

Sixth.- When he /she has been previously notified, the TENANT must allow HOME AROUND personnel to access the property during the course of the reservation to undertake activities of the greatest need which cannot be postponed until conclusion of the reservation.

Seventh.- The TENANT shall be liable for any damage or impairment caused to the property and its accessories, as well as to the building's communal areas, that are caused either by him /her or by the people who live with him /her or his /her visitors. The TENANT must, at his /her expense, maintain the property in a perfect state of sanitation and preservation during his /her entire stay. The TENANT is obliged to surrender the building and its accessories upon the termination of his /her reserved stay in the vacation housing in a reasonably clean condition without garbage or trash in its interior. Otherwise, and with a charge to the security deposit, HOME AROUND will assess a charge of 100€.

Eighth.- The amount or cost of any supplies shall be solely borne by the LANDLORD up to a maximum of EUR 120 per month for electricity and EUR 120 per month for gas. In the event any bill for such supplies exceeds such amount, the relevant difference shall be borne by the TENANT. Any telephone costs shall be borne by the TENANT, provided that such service is not offered as part of the property.

Ninth.- The TENANT must personally occupy the property; he /she may not assign to third parties his /her right to use derived from the "Booking Form", nor authorize its occupation by more persons than those indicated in the "Booking Form" .

Tenth. - In the event that the TENANT does not leave the property voluntarily on the date specified in the Booking Form, TENANT will be liable to pay Home Around the daily rate of the property multiplied by five.

Eleventh.- Conditions for use of the real property.1) The Terms & Conditions of the Booking & Rental Services are shown in the web page (www.homearound.com) of Home Around International SL. Said conditions apply to this contract.2) Pets are expressly prohibited from entering HOME AROUND properties.3) HOME AROUND shall not be responsible for the loss, theft or deterioration of TENANT's personal property.4) HOME AROUND shall not be responsible for any inoperability of the ADSL service which is due to causes imputable to the operator.5) The TENANT consents that, with a charge to the security deposit, HOME AROUND will charge him /her 100 € for each set of keys not returned and 30€ for each garage door opener not returned.6) The TENANT declares knowing that the use of the property to be taken is governed by Ley 29/1994 de Arrendamientos Urbanos, of 24 November, and has an appropriate tourism purpose linked to the term of the reservation

Twelfth.- Jurisdiction and competenceFor any controversy which may arise between the TENANT and HOME AROUND, both parties, with express waiver to any other jurisdiction that may correspond, do hereby submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of the city of Barcelona.

TENANT declares to have read and expressly accepts all terms set forth in this agreement, as well as all terms contained in the "Booking Form" and the "Terms and Conditions".?

Because properties are located in Spain, the legal version of this agreement is the version written in Spanish language.

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